Media Management

Your content is your capital. We make sure your content is managed well and archived safely. We help you reach your target audience by providing you with a content- and distribution plan. With our own media management system you are able to view, download and share your content at any time.

We believe that music is immiscible part of a visual production. That’s why we always make it a mission to ensure the best audio quality in our recording-to-delivery workflow.

Live Audio Registration

Our sounds engineer will be on location together with a mobile production set. He will ensure that all the different sources of audio will be recorded correctly to ease up the post production process. We’re able to provide this service any where in the world with the same top quality.

Voice Over

A voice over gives the listener not only information, but also a direct link with your product. We will deliver the right voice over artist for your audio commercial and can even add a custom made audio track to it.


We are able to master your live audio recording, voice over or audio track. We have gained extensive experience in this field accumulated through our world wide tours and show recordings. We will delivering a punchy audio master which will intensify the listeners experience.