We believe in the art of storytelling. Stories are waiting to be found at each event, artist or brand. It’s what inspires us to find them and precisely cast them to possible clients, visitors, consumers, promoters and other specific audiences.

Photography is usually all about one persons unique vision. We see it different.

Still images created through photography are an integral part of your communication campaign. This demands a special photographer or a team of photographers at the same time across different venues.


By collaborating with you through every step in the process we workout a single shoot or take the lead on planning multiple shoots across the globe.

Through teamwork we provide a  full-service solution. We pre-produce the shoots, plan the right photographers and take care of the delivery process right up to uploading them to your website cms.

On location

We’ve extensive experience in on location festival productions. Typically we work with a team of photographers. We can even deliver content on the same day making it useful in same day festival newspapers or direct uploads to social media by our team.


Our job doesn’t stop after the delivery. We are able to take care of the archive process from the shoot. Making sure your images are always available for recurrent usage in your campaigns. Our own managed storage facilities are secure and continuously backed-up on and offsite.

Artists: International tours, direct social media uploads, press kits
Events: Multi photographer team on location
Brands: Activation photography, deliver the right images for your campaign