What we do

We develop communication strategies for the entertainment industry. Our world wide touring knowledge enables us to identify and tackling tactical challenges in advance or at any point during the operation. Respectfully creating and managing mixed global and local crews. While at the same time touching your fans hearts and inspire the next generation industry crew.

  • Services we offer
  • Strategic cosultancy to define and achieve goals
  • Tactical support to create concepts that work
  • Onsite teams that help you deliver your event
  • Situation scan
  • Quickly asses your current positon
  • Receive an actionable overview
  • Know how to improve in- and externally

TRUE LOVE FOR the industry

Our promise

Deliver anytime, anywhere around the world.

Know what it takes to produce what you need.

Create future proof plans that resonate with the fan base.


We are professionals that incorporate loyalty to the entertainment industry with world wide touring experience and local knowledge. Delivering tactical insights, operational effectiveness and premium content. We like to see ourselves as a boutique agency, who uses it's deep industry knowledge to create what matters.

  • Proven models
  • Strategy sessions
  • Worldwide production support
  • Content and talent creation methodology
  • Values based company
  • Real love for the industry and its people
  • Bespoke and premium talent
  • One chance to get it right

Why you should hire us

You want to concert a strategy that actual works.

You want to grow your brand as an artist or venue in a smart and effective way.

You are in need of experienced (technical) productional knowledge and support on-site.


WE ARE THE NIGHT is always looking for fresh and talented freelancers to join our team.
Do you think you're a good fit? Let's get in touch!

Send your motivation to jobs@wearethenight.com