WE ARE THE NIGHT is a content marketing agency specialised in international Artists and Events. We focus on creating content in a smart and strategic way. Complementing the overall branding mission with a content plan that actually makes sense. Enabling you to precisely post your stories and reach that fan. While starting gathering the data needed to verify, specify and sharpen your messages and satisfy the sponsors.

Our headquarters is located in Utrecht. Although we love our office, we’re used to working on location. Anywhere at anytime around the globe. We love to create and start brainstorm sessions together with your team. Getting to know your brand targets and together see the bigger picture in which we both invest. Long-term relationships are not only for your spouses, we firmly say; your content partner should be one too. Once we both feel the heartbeat of your Artist or Event, the content will broadcast it. On location our team takes care of business for you. We will fly-in specific talent or equipment in order to ensure the highest standards anywhere you need it.

WE ARE THE NIGHT was born in 2001 as one of the earliest Dutch party websites, Superfeesten. As the industry grew and professionalised, it evolved and set its roots firmly as a production company. Renewing itself and challenging the system, freelancers and yes even clients. It is this core of perfection, hunger for the next creative challenge and refusal to stop looking for the next thing that we create.

In 2018 we celebrated our 10th anniversary. We hope to celebrate the next one with you.

Enjoy your night.



We develop, produce and distribute visual content for our clients. In any form, at any time, at any place. The starting point for all content is your communication goal or target. We help define this communication goal and your target audience, and always look for the the best ways to solve your goals with content.

We do that by supporting our clients from A to Z and provide;

  • Strategic sessions
  • Concepting
  • Storytelling
  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Project Management
  • Media Management
    (archiving, distribution, management)

We make visual content in every form, always carefully adapted to your needs;

  • 360 degrees content plans
  • On location editing
  • Live to tape streams
  • World wide live streams
  • Post-event movies
  • User generated content
  • Photography

Always aiming for the best result and reaching your goals!


WE ARE THE NIGHT is always looking for fresh and talented freelancers to join our team.
Do you think you're a good fit? Let's get in touch!

Send your motivation to jobs@wearethenight.com


WE ARE THE NIGHT develops, produces and distributes audiovisual content for artists, events and brands. We do this by making use of video, motion graphics and photography.


The mission of WE OWN THE NIGHT TV is to reinvent Saturday night entertainment.
Our goal is to re-establish the artist-fan connection by providing world-class beats to their homes by creating a future proof content ecosystem.

We do this with a weekly television show which revolves around electronic dance music, available on cable network Ziggo TV throughout The Netherlands and worldwide throughout our online channels.
Every Saturday night between 20:00 - 01:00 (Amsterdam time) we’re giving electronic dance music lovers back the right to party.
Each weekend the show attracts 255.000 viewers on Ziggo TV only.

In addition WE OWN THE NIGHT TV launched the first On Demand platform for electronic music.
WE OWN THE NIGHT TV - On Demand has the mission to fuel those homeparties of all electronic dance music lovers worldwide, anytime and anywhere.
Our goal is to re-establish the artist-fan connection by providing world-class beats to their homes.

WE OWN THE NIGHT TV was established in response to worldwide regulations to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.
“The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the dance industry with promoters, suppliers and artists seeing their revenues disappear into thin air”, says Wilco Jung, creator of WE OWN THE NIGHT TV – On Demand.
“Our setup is pandemic proof and will generate necessary and fair income streams for all parties involved, while providing home party fuel for fans worldwide, now and long into the future.”

For more info visit: www.weownthenight.tv