WE ARE THE NIGHT believes in the art of storytelling. Stories are waiting to be found at each event, artist or brand. It’s what inspires us to find them and precisely cast them to possible clients, visitors, consumers, promoters and other specific audiences. That can be in any form of content, although our teams’ specialty is visual content. We’ve teamed up with specialists for written- and hardcopy as well for distributing content online.

The WE ARE THE NIGHT headquarters is located in Utrecht. We have fully equipped 4k ready edit suites and our own studio. Although we love our office, we’re used to work on location in the Netherlands and abroad. Abroad we source both locally and fly-in specific talent if needed.

WE ARE THE NIGHT was born out of one of the earliest Dutch party websites Superfeesten and has deep roots in the event media production. It is a type of business that requires to be trending and renewing itself and its products constantly. Doing this while maintaining readiness at any time for everything and in a lean-mean way. With these core values in mind and a passion for visual content, we dedicate ourselves to our customers and always aim for the best result. This approach has brought us to an historical point, where WE ARE THE NIGHT celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.



We develop, produce and distribute visual content for our clients. In any form, at any time, at any place. The starting point for all content is your communication goal or target. We help define this communication goal and your target audience, and always look for the the best ways to solve your goals with content.

We do that by supporting our clients from A to Z and provide;

  • Strategic sessions
  • Concepting
  • Storytelling
  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Project Management
  • Media Management
    (archiving, distribution, management)

We make visual content in every form, always carefully adapted to your needs;

  • 360 degrees content plans
  • On location editing
  • Live to tape streams
  • World wide live streams
  • Post-event movies
  • User generated content
  • Photography

Always aiming for the best result and reaching your goals!


We don’t believe in large account teams, we have content teams.
All members are actually involved in a part of the creation process.
Our team members have various backgrounds, everyone has its own expertise and knowledge.
From consultants and digital communication experts, to journalists, audio- and IT geeks to project managers of concept-, stage- and show designers.
Every personal experience and quality is an addition and makes our team stronger.
The most important thing we all have in common: a very strong passion for visual content.








WE ARE THE NIGHT develops, produces and distributes audiovisual content for artists, events and brands. We do this by making use of video, motion graphics and photography.