Call of Duty: Black Ops – Launch event

The most anticipated game release of 2010, Black Ops the newest addition to the Call of Duty Series. We Are The Night contributed to the release by using our Online Archive System.

Frank PR and Activision are taking the release of Black Ops to the next level by creating a Pan-European multi event launch. From Oslo to Berlin to Madrid, all major cities had their own local launch event. This enables maximum press coverage and impact of the game release of Black Ops. To give an event wider perspective to it, all events were covered by a camera crew.

24 hours turn around
To ensure the 24 hours turnaround on all footage from the Multi Tier event is held, We Are The Night coordinated the registration. All local camera crews have been briefed on a detailed number of aspect that need to be covered on site. After the event registration the local crews uploaded the content to the Online Archive system. Once arrived in the Online Archive system, all content is automatically converted to the right format, and added the Final Cut Project of the event. This way the editors at the WATN HQ didn’t lose any time on ingesting on could focus on the delivery.

Within the giving 24 hours deadline We Are The Night has delivered an HD edit the will be used by Activision to engage the game lovers even more in the most anticipated game of 2010.

Amsterdam event
Not fully coincidental Activision Benelux also have taken us onboard to shoot their local edition of the Pan-European launch event. This event has been held at the Amsterdam Convention Factory. The release featured off-course the game and lots of game play. But also a guest performances of the Opposites. We’ve captured the event using our newly acquired Canon XF300 together with a Canon 7D Dslr with multiple lenses.

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