Dijkpop 2019

Dijkpop is a local festival organised in Andijk, in the North of the Netherlands. This little gem has earned their spot in the festival scene, this year Dijkpop took place already for the 36th time and was completely sold out in advance.

The performing artists are covered by Dijkpop’s own photo team, which gives WE ARE THE NIGHT’s photographer the opportunity to cover the ‘rest’ of the festival. All crazy moments happening between the visitors passing by the theatre acts, cozy and chill areas where friends meet and share a laugh and a drink, but also providing Dijkpop with photos that can be used for promotional purposes for Dijkpop 2020, such as photos supporting locker- and shuttle ticket sales.

We’re happy to be a piece of the puzzle to make sure Dijkpop has a complete coverage of another successful edition. Looking forward to Dijkpop 2020!

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