Emporium Festival 2011

For the 6th time The Matrixx Events have set on the 25.000 visitor event Emporium Festival. With over 100 artists, multiple stages and a diverse entertainment plan this event is set to be a experience that lasts. We Are The Night took on the complete video production and photography at Emporium Festival 2011.

Dedicated team
Numbers are everything on a festival like this. 25.000 visitors, more then 100 artists. This a lot to cover for any production team. Choices have to made in pre-production to ensure all the clients needs are covered. We decided take on the production with 4 ENG Cameras, 5 Photographers, 2 Production hands and 1 Helicopter.

Social Media
To maximum engage the visitors of Emporium there was has been chosen to incorporate social media. On Facebook there have been added special ‘tag’ me pictures, within no time these have been found and tagged by visitors. Position the pictures on their ‘Wall’ spreading them into their social rings on Facebook. Maximizing the marketing impact of the photos.

Fast delivery
Social Media make it increasingly important to deliver fast flash back into the event. People love to share memories on the their networks, basically providing free marketing. Imperative to this concept is the fast online placement of content. We placed the first set of edited pictures online within 4hours after the event, also the first flashback video edit got published within this timeframe. The full video and photo productions have been placed all online within a minor 72hours after the event.


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