The coronavirus has an enormous impact on the world. In order to prevent further spread of the virus, governments have proclaimed various regulations. One general world-wide regulation is the prohibition of large-scale gatherings, such as festivals and events. The entertainment industry has been hit hard by these regulations. Especially in an established event country like The Netherlands.

Commissioned by the Dutch association of event creators (Vereniging van Evenementenmakers – VVEM) we’ve created a documentary series of five, in which we portray ten event creators. The series shows the impact of the corona crisis on this industry, but also its strength, agility, professionality and creativity. Above all it shows the passion, love and drive to create beautiful memories for the visitors, that runs through the veins of everyone working in this beautiful industry – no matter what position you’re in.

The series is part of the ‘Sound of Silence’ campaign to draw attention to the dire situation the industry is currently in.

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