We Are The Night gets its own slot at Dancetrippin TV

Starting next Thursday the TV channel Dancetrippin will be extended with a weekly slot of We Are The Night. This will give the viewer a wider range of Dutch and international events, DJ’s on tour and music videos.

“Dancetrippin is a unique channel that only programs ‘dance’. We Are The Night is specialized in making ‘dance’ content. By partnering with Dancetrippin, we will be able to reach more people with our current content. The world wide popularity of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is growing fast. This platform provides space for specific dance formats. A perfect fit!”, according to Wilco Jung, Creative Director of We Are The Night.

Tim Metz, Managing Director of Dancetrippin.TV: “We are very pleased with the partnership with We Are The Night. This way we are able to develop and expand the station with high-quality content from the Dutch dance scene. This new format is a first step in our cooperation and we have plans for many more initiatives in the near future.”

The Dutch We Are The Night is based in Utrecht and Los Angeles and specializes in the production and distribution of visual EDM content. We Are The Night works among others for Black Hole Recordings, 7th Sunday, Aly & Fila, Robbie Rivera en super club Matrixx.

Dancetrippin boasts hundreds of hours of unique programming, including live recordings of DJs from the best clubs in the world, like Space, Amnesia and Pacha.
In the Netherlands Dancetrippin can be seen on channel 604 of UPC and received by satellite via Astra 23.5 East. Dancetrippin is also available in about 10 countries in Europe and Africa by cable and of course online through www.dancetrippin.tv

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